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Welcome Mike Yu as Conversion’s Newest Investor

I’m pleased to announce that Mike Yu, former product lead at Blend has joined Conversion Capital and will focus on backing entrepreneurs building new businesses in fintech and enterprise software, while exploring his own ideas and building a new company currently in stealth. 

I first met Mike in 2018, when he co-architected finprint, a secure, shareable financial profile for consumers on blockchain. The idea was to put the consumer in control of their financial profile, allowing data to be stored via the protocol which could not be shared without the consumer’s consent (read more about it here). 

Mike brings over six years’ of both product and strategy experience from companies including Blend where he was either part of, or initiated various successful nationwide rollouts and critical new business initiatives. He co-built Blend’s day 1 certainty product with Fannie Mae, and started Blends insurance agency, where he not only became its first licensed agent, but validated the idea, hired the ops team and signed early partnership deals. 

After graduating from Stanford with B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Computer Science, Mike went on to work in finance before finding his calling and obsession with product innovation in startups across fintech and edtech. Years later, Finprint is now open-sourced for all to benefit from, and the list of new business lines Mike has either originated or led, is nothing short of impressive. I’m looking forward to working with Mike but equally as excited to have him partnering with our existing portfolio companies and ambitious new founders. 

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